Quinoa crackers

Having a toddler with food intolerances is especially hard on them when they go to playgroup and can’t eat the food other kids have. We’re still in the process of introducing foods including grains and have already figured out that little man can’t eat gluten directly so I have been experimenting with different flours and recipes. Today, given that he’s cutting molars and wants to chew on everything, I am attempting quinoa crackers from this recipe.

It’s an easy recipe – though I found the dough was very sticky. I might have had too much water because the originals didn’t look as wet. I swapped the coconut oil for sunflower seed oil.

They are in the oven baking so we’ll see how they turn out!

Update: they are done. Not too bad though a little bitter because of the quinoa. Maybe a smidge of honey next time. Little man likes them!

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